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We're a team of specialists

We're world-class Facebook marketers who specialize in generating leads for local businesses and coaches. Our love language is automations and we geek out over every Facebook™ algorithm change. We're not a Facebook™ ads agency, or funnel building agency, or messenger bot agency. We specialize in building complete seamless lead generation systems starting from Facebook ads™ --> to funnels --> to bots --> to email or SMS nurturing sequences --> to customers.


Our Founder

Karen Sahetya, the founder of Brand Central Marketing, is not just another marketer or digital agency owner. In an online world where noise of the newest online trends can drown out seasoned experience, she has established herself and her team as among some of the internet's leading marketers.

With nearly a decade of corporate marketing experience with FORTUNE 100 companies, Karen brings the best of offline marketing and combines it with a full suite of digital marketing services. In the past she has worked with such brands as Disney, Target, and Warner Brothers, just to name a few, but as the founder of Brand Central has established a team that is second to none. Having established a team that works hands on with each client to know what marketing strategy to implement for best results, Karen oversees a business with expertise in Facebook Ads™, full website & sales funnel builds, bot building, and much more.

Karen knows that never before in the history of marketing have small brands and new businesses been able to compete directly and so effectively with their competitors. Whether it's email marketing or full web automations, her team's poised proficiency allows their clients to see online sales conversions above industry standards.

As not just an agency owner herself, but as a coach and consultant to other digital agency owners, Karen knows that her skill sets and deliverables as a marketer must be pristine and up-to-date in an ever changing online environment. Whether it's a regular update in Facebook's pixel, an algorithmic change from Google, or a whole new niche of online advertising, Karen's network and know how allow her to stay on the cusp of the latest digital trends and bring massive results to those she's honored to work with every day.



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